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SaaS Law Firm Andrew S Bosin LLC

SaaS Startup Attorney Andrew S Bosin LLC helps founders and entrepreneurs in all fifty states.

Practice Areas

  • Delaware C Corporation startup legal package which includes drafting bylaws, founders' stock agreements, action in lieu of first board meeting, IP invention and non-disclosure agreements, website terms of service and privacy policy agreements and Customer Subscription Agreement.
  • SaaS Agreements
  • SaaS Contracts
  • SaaS Master Service Agreements
  • SaaS Subscription Agreements
  • SaaS End User License Agreements (EULA)
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Reseller Agreements
  • Software Application Development Agreements
  • Website Legal Agreements such as terms and conditions, terms of use and privacy policy agreements
  • Cloud Computing Agreements
  • GDPR (EU) Data Processing Agreements

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Our Approach

At the SaaS Law Firm of Andrew S Bosin LLC, we specialize in representing SaaS, software and cloud entrepreneurs, startups, vendors, providers, developers, enterprise companies and customers in drafting and negotiating SaaS contracts and Licensing Agreements. 

Andrew provides legal advice to more than 100 SaaS, cloud, software, Blockchain, App and E-Commerce startups, vendors and entrepreneurs  who have created cloud and web based applications, services, solutions and platforms. 

Andrew also helps clients with legal issues such as data privacy, data protection, cyber theft, warranties, limiting liabilities and protecting intellectual property. 

Because Andrew is also a SaaS entrepreneur who created and scaled out a SaaS startup with his partners he understands from his own personal experiences how to get the deal done. 

Andrew is dedicated to understanding what results you want and to helping you get your SaaS deal or transaction done. 

Andrew will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand the legal choices you are making.

Andrew provides clients with the best possible personal service. How so? Andrew gives clients access to him via his cell number and clients can call, text or email him during working and non-working hours. Andrew encourages his clients to call or text him whether its during the work day  at night or on weekends. Andrew typically responds to all client communications with 15 minutes.


Based in New Jersey right outside of New York City Andrew helps clients across the USA engaged in SaaS deals and transactions located in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Boulder, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, California, Brooklyn, Boston, Connecticut, San Jose, San Diego, Silicon Valley, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Texas, Maryland, Columbus, Cleveland, Ohio, Indianapolis, Raleigh, Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, Seattle, Philadelphia, Delaware, Memphis, Washington DC, St. Louis, Kansas City, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida.

Andrew can be reached at 201-446-9643 for a free legal consultation.

SaaS Lawyer

SaaS Lawyer Andrew S Bosin LLC based in New Jersey near New York City represents SaaS, cloud and software vendors, startups, entrepreneurs, providers, developers, resellers, end-users, licensees and customers located in all fifty states.

Our Team

Andrew S. Bosin, Esq.

SaaS Lawyer Andrew S Bosin LLC has over 25 years of experience in representing businesses in complex litigation and providing legal advice to SaaS, software and cloud entrepreneurs and startups.

And, Andrew also has the unique skill set of having been a SaaS entrepreneur who created a SaaS business with partners, scaled it and received a patent in 2017.

Andrew's experience as a SaaS entrepreneur has been priceless. Along with his partners, Andrew risked his own time and money and put thousands of hours into building a SaaS business while at the same time continuing to represent SaaS, cloud and software businesses. 

Andrew has performed every business and legal function in a Delaware C Corporation from drafting bylaws, resolutions, founder and investor stock agreements, software development agreements and also drafting and negotiating SaaS Agreements to closing multiple capital financing rounds.

Please call Andrew for a free consultation at 201-446-9643.